What is your computer build?

Here is the parts list. Not a super duper build, but I love it, and it is mine.

Who are your pets?

I have one cat, and her name is Nikos! (Pronounced: nē-kōs) She is my darling. My parents found her and her littermates in their attic during renovations after a fire. She was the first to start walking around, first to accept the bottle, etc. so they called her Champ. When I adopted her, I wanted a different name for her, while still calling back to ‘champ.’ So I went with a variation on the Greek goddess of victory, Nike (nee-kay). It’s also definitely not a reference to my favorite character in RWBY what are you talking about

My roommate has one cat as well, and her name is Kitsune. She was named this before my roommate adopted her 😛 So yes, there is a cat named ‘fox.’ We call her ‘Sune’ (soo-nay) for short.

Where did you get “Canada can’t tell me I don’t love you?”

It’s from an inside joke between myself and my friend Caldwell. When he was single, I joked with him that we should marry so I can get into Canada. Tbh, I still make the joke even though he’s not single (he and his bf are cool with it and know it’s a joke lol). So when we were talking about us getting married, he noted “Well, they’re gonna interview us to make sure we’re actually in love, you know.” And I responded, “And we’ll pass that interview with flying colors. Just because it isn’t romantic love doesn’t mean anything. Canada can’t tell me I don’t love you.”

What are your sound alerts from?

The Adventure Zone!

I see you moving really weird during stream or complaining that you couldn’t ‘pop it?’

I have fibromyalgia. I don’t have the worst case of it in the world, but my body is still…. painful. to live in. My muscles spasm a lot, which messes up my joints, so I try to stretch those muscles and pop the joints. My shoulders in particular give me… quite a bit of trouble. Which affects my neck. So I often stretch my shoulders and neck. I can’t help it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯